About us

Hey, I’m Maria.

Actually I’m an actress and occasionally flicker across the screen.
But my preference to tell stories is not only limited to my job.
Leaving the Frame” gives me the opportunity to do that from a completely new angle and sets me the task to decide for myself.

Obviously, our travel destinations and documentation topics are already making me jump for joy.

I visited Kenya in 2011 and fell in love with the country and its people.

Hawaii is probably the Mecca of all countries for a ukulele-playing dreamer like me, and Mexico as well as Norway both attracted me right away when I saw the first pictures.
So yes – I fulfill myself a dream here and jump head over heels into the adventure!
However, I realize that we will not get to know these countries exclusively as tourists.
In the respective countries we get the chance to look behind the scenes of the travel guides and the tourism industry.

But that’s what “Leaving the Frame” is about – and I’m really excited about it!

Hello Internet,

I’m Manuel, but you can call me Manu.
The wanderlust caught me early and, so I have already spent three of my 28 years of life abroad.

Especially Latin America has attracted me.

That and my interest in journalism then brought me to German foreign television.
At Deutsche Welle, I now make interviews, reports and did recently even a documentary.

Often television shoots are tied to a very tight schedule and just when you’ve gotten warm with the country and people, you have to leave in a hurry.

Exciting topics are evaporated to regular television program length and many interesting aspects fall away – spontaneity…wrong!

That’s why Maria and I came up with the idea of leaving our golden cages for a few months and to go on a great adventure.

Leaving the Frame” should combine holiday and documentations and it is about to present the stories for which we usually do not have enough time.