#04 EYES

We’re back with the fourth episode of our vlog. This time it’s about Sister Mary Jane, her orphanage and Tabitha – who needs our help for a life changing surgery. Let’s do this! Link to the website: https://secure.changa.co.ke/myweb/share/19262

Music by Sabin Tambrea (Intro & Tabithas video) and Marc Hoffmann (trip to Mary Jane)


Hey everyone! Here it finally is: our first Vlog! (still in German, because we don’t know how many of you would like to watch it in English -> please let us know). We really hope you like it and continue watching the following ones (we’d definitely recommend that, because we’ve already seen so many amazing things 😉).

Big thank you to our musicians Sabin Tambrea and Marc Hoffmann.

Maria & Manu

The adventure begins…

We are starting in January 2018 and this is the trailer for our project!
Everything you see here, was shot during our trip to Italy in July.
We are very excited about the future – and maybe even a little nervous.

Since we are new to this kind of project, we greatly appreciate any kind of feedback.

Maria & Manu