Our project

We are Maria and Manuel, producers, film crew and protagonists, all at the same time, on our four-month trip to Kenya, Hawaii, Mexico and Norway. Challenging task? Definitely!

If one had to translate “Leaving the Frame” literally, it would mean something along the lines of “leaving the picture”.

But for us this doesn’t mean to disappear, but rather to set forth into a new environment. Our project is based on the idea of traveling to different countries and finding people who fascinate us with what they do. People who put all their energy into something they are fully convinced of. This doesn’t always have to be a Clark Kent who saves the world in a solo run. Our heroes act “in the dark” and fight for more light in their world.

Like the young Kenyan Richard Turere, for instance, who, at the age of only twelve, invented an illuminated lion-defense fence for his village, protecting his neighbors’ cattle from the feline predators. The special thing about it: It also protects the endangered lion from getting killed by villagers. Who is looking for poachers with the help of drones? Who has the crazy idea to build a boat out of thrown away flip flops and sails with it from Kenya to South Africa?

How do the last 24.2% of native Hawaiians manage to maintain a culture that is being pushed closer and closer to the edge of society? And who cares about the dying sea around these dream islands?

In the Mexican provincial town of Juchitán, the women are fully in charge. How is this possible in a so macho-influenced culture and how does the public deal with the “Muxe’s”, the transgenders of Juchitán, work? The Norwegians are big forerunners when it comes to environmental and climate protection. Is the appreciation for the breathtaking nature, that surrounds them, the reason for this? What can we learn from them to protect our climate? We have countless questions. The answers lie in front of us, on the way of our journey.

In all four countries, we are going to stay for about a month to get to know the culture, the country and its inhabitants and to tell their stories. During the trip, we will upload weekly videos to Youtube to share our adventures with fans and other interested people. In addition, we will provide daily updates on our website, our Instagram and facebook account.

After completing our trip in May 2018, we want to produce a film or series based on our experienced stories.

It will be a journey into the unknown with plenty of room for spontaneous adventures and some pre-researched stories. We can say with certainty that it will be a very special experience for us, which we want to share with all enthusiasts out there.

We would be happy to have you joined on board.


All the best
Maria & Manuel